Still Afraid to Fly

Here I go again. Back on an airplane. This time I’m headed to Denver, Colorado and back again to Baltimore. It will be my first time at the Denver airport. I finally got to see the Blucifer sculpture after having read about it. It is a four hour and 20 minute flight from Baltimore and about an hour less in duration on the return leg. I dislike all the noises on the airplane. Why does it have to be so loud all the time? There are just so many noises between the dings, hums, buzzes, and rattles. They all make me nervous. I wonder how others feel about all this. Does it bother me more than most? At least the middle seat was open on the way to Denver but was full on the way back. It’s always nice to have more space to rest my belongings during the long flight. I try to find things that make the experience easier for me. Watching shows and movies helps. Shutting the blind on the window also helps. Leaving Baltimore, they had to de-ice the plane, which made me nervous. It’s mid-November and cold weather will start to be a factor. The pilot on the trip to Denver also randomly left the cockpit before departure and walked down the aisle. I’m assuming he wanted to talk to a passenger, maybe a family member, but I’m not really sure. I probably overthink everything but I watch the staff and try to gauge whether they look calm or not. On the way home, we flew at night and I noticed that people are much more chatty and talkative on the plane than they are first thing in the morning.

Here are a few things that I think will make flying easier for me:

Noise canceling headphones

A newer, smaller suitcase

A backpack to carry my belongings and laptop

An iPad

Paid WiFi

Things I like about flying:

Getting to my location more quickly (though it feels very 20th century)

Seeing the sunrise and sunset and clouds. I think I have listed my list of dislikes in the past.

Anyway, I’m not sure when I will ever feel easy about flying. Sometimes it just feels like I’m catapulting through the air and that’s a good feeling. I’m always grateful to land safely at my destination and hope to feel a little better and calmer the next time.

View from Westminster,CO

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