Traveling Again

I’m trying to write everyday to exercise my creative muscles, but I run out of things to write about. I’ll share that today I found out I will have at least two work trips in October. I will be going to Chicago next week and to West Palm Beach, FL in about 3 weeks. Hopefully it’s not too cold when I go to Chicago next week and hopefully it is nice and warm when I am in Florida shortly after that! I tend to get a little discombobulated when I travel so I’ve been enjoying my time off the road these last few weeks. I feel that I eat, sleep, and handle stress better and can stay more focused on tasks snd to/do’s when I’m home for long stretches. It is hard to stay on top of anything when you have three kids and requires a desire and vigilance to really keep track of everything to life demands. I think I may be going to the Denver area as well in October so I may really need to brace myself. There is at least one thing I think I need to make traveling a little easier, and that is a new suitcase. I need a smaller carry on bag that is more streamlined so it fits better in overhead compartments and also one that is just better looking. A new suitcase, preparation, and a realistic attitude are all important things on my mind as I approach a new round of travel.

My cat has moved into my 20 year old suitcase.

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