International Alley Party

Each year, one alley in our neighborhood organizes a potluck style dinner for neighbors called International Alley. Flags are flown and everyone that wants to participate picks a country and prepares food, a beverage, and decorations to share. I’m always super impressed by the amount of effort and creativity that people put into the party. From what I understand, the organizers keep it pretty low-key so it’s not stressful for anyone wanting to join in. People can make what they want and duplicate countries if they want. My family always joins in by consuming everything everyone makes! I always invite my family too since there is always so much food. I find it fortunate to be a vegan and sober because I can only eat about half of the food. Otherwise, I would be super stuffed and sick from eating everything in sight. It’s a great way to socialize and ye kids have a ball too. This year, my favorite tables were Spain, featuring lots of nuts, roasted peppers, jams, and cracker tapas, and bubble tea at the South Korea table. I also enjoyed the dolmas (grape leaves) from Greece. It’s always a day I look forward to every year.

International flags decorate the alley.
Bubble Tea at the South Korea Table

Freshly baked bread from the France Table

The family munching on food by the Italian table and
Italian offerings

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