Sunday Funday

I had an awesome day today when I stop to think about it. I’m always feeling rushed around to take care of the kids needs and my own but I crammed in some good stuff today. I started with my usual Sunday morning running club outing where I logged 4+ miles and enjoyed coffee with the other running moms, I loaded up on more fresh foods for the week ahead, cooked some lovely fresh vegetables including local squash, peppers, and tomatoes, corn, and potatoes, visited with my sister along with the kids by a pretty creek, played some pickle ball and worked on Kendall’s bike riding, got a mani pedi, took a nap, and read the girls a chapter of Island of the Blue Dolphins. On top of all this, the Raven’s won and I didn’t feel the need to clean at all. All and all, this was a pretty great day. Not everything was perfect and I’m staring into the start of a busy week tomorrow but for right now, I’ll appreciate time well spent today.

Morning shot of of the leftover flags from last night’s International Alley neighborhood party. It’s worth a separate post all its own.
Fresh fruit plate at breakfast
Time by the creek at Cromwell Valley Park
Pickleball fever has struck our neighborhood.

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