Ski Season Set Up

We are a ski family. Not like a crazy future Olympian ski family, but a family fun, snow day, ski weekend kind of family. To be ready for these vacations, we took the girls to get sized for their seasonal rentals at Princeton Sports on Falls Road in Baltimore. We like to take care of our equipment needs early in the season so we are all ready to hit the slopes when the weather gets cold. Skiing requires a lot of equipment, gear, and warm, water proof clothes so there are always items I’m scrambling to purchase or pack up to the last minute. I’ve been coming to Princeton Sports since I was a kid when I started skiing at age 9. It’s right on our way home from the girls’ rockclimbing class so we made sure to stop in to exchange last year’s rentals and get the girls fitted for this year’s rentals. John and I both bought ourselves new equipment over the past couple of years so we don’t need anything for ourselves. I received a text message that we would receive a $25 gift card if we did the swap in September before the crowds show up closer to the start ski season. I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that I would receive $25 for each girl! The $75 was definitely worth having to lug all of last year’s equipment to the store and then listen to the girls complain during their fittings and checkout. Now that the rentals are out of way, we are one step closer to the mountain

My littlest getting fitted for her skis.
Getting fitted

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