Happy Anniversary to Us!

Today is my 16th wedding anniversary. We were married on a hot and humid day at the Hillendale Country Club in Phoenix, MD. Today was a cool, crisp early fall day here in Baltimore, so really quite the opposite feel. I’m too tired to write tonight, but I’ll share that we got a babysitter and went to dinner. We enjoyed some vegan Thai food at a restaurant in the Canton neighborhood here in Baltimore. I’ll also share that there were some years I did not think we would last and even wished to be apart, but I’ve always loved my husband and am so happy we are still in this crazy partnership together. We have three amazing kids and have spent many days, some bad but mostly good or great, together. He always has been my North Star since we met. Somehow, I’m lost without him.

An actual date night for our anniversary!
Still 2 kids in love after 16 (really 21) years together.
We look like babies!
Starting our journey
Wedding announcement. We wonder what happened to the other couples announcing their weddings that day?

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