Raw Til 4 Vegan Trend

I posted the other day that I learned that I was sticking pretty close to a raw high vegan diet without even realizing it. I had never heard of it until I saw a couple sharing videos about it on YouTube. Now I just heard of a Raw Til 4 trend that people follow where people eat raw food until 4 pm and then eat plant-based cooked food for dinner. Again, I had not heard of this trend so I could be missing a few elements but I can say that I largely ascribe to this type of lifestyle. I first started learning about the weight loss and health-related benefits to eating this way last year when I started working with a nutritionist to lose weight and make sure I was getting enough nutrients from my vegan diet. It didn’t happen over night but I think the more I learned habits and the science around this lifestyle and began practicing them, the better I felt. I continue to work with my nutritionist in a limited capacity to continue to receive information and support. I will have to ask him what he thinks of the Raw Til 4 and Raw High Vegan trend since he is also vegan. A quick internet search did indicate that this lifestyle also promoted avoiding oils and added sugars, which I do. I found that I get less cravings when I eliminate these foods. It also promotes giving up caffeine which, unfortunately, I am currently on the opposite end of the spectrum. I had given up caffeine about 2 years ago for about 4 months and actually enjoyed the sleep benefits. For some reason or another, I started drinking coffee again and I’m currently hooked. I’ve even been drinking it in the afternoons lately for a quick boost. So, it looks like I still need to work on meeting all the aspects of the Raw Til 4 lifestyle and diet trend but I definitely promote and adhere to the main components. Obviously this diet and lifestyle isn’t for everyone. I think it is important to work with a nutritionist and your doctor to run lab work and make sure you see getting the right vitamins and other needs. I will also say that feel great and your veggies!

My latest veggie haul. I ended up boiling the beets for an after-work snack and will cook up the squash with some potatoes over the weekend but plan to eat raw fruits and veggies for the majority of my meals.

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