Last Day of Summer 2022

So long summer. I’m sad to see you go. You are my favorite season. My mood and spirits lift along with the high temperatures the summer months bring. I never complain when the thermostat starts to spike and the days stretch out longer longer. I would rather be hot than cold. I love to swim, grill outside, eat fresh local produce, and go to the beach. Snowballs, crabs for the kids, and hotdogs on ten grill are all on the menu. I also love that school is out of session and the days feel a little more free. While the summer calendar fills up quickly with camps and swim practice, we still get to sleep in more and stay up later at night. The girls are old enough for sleepovers now and we hosted some good old fashioned pillow fights this summer. It’s also a time to catch up with old friends when schedules are less rigid or to make new friends when revamped schedules create different overlaps and run-ins with people. Summer concerts are back after two years of COVID and music just sounds better when you are surrounded by people dancing and singing along on a warm night. I started a new tradition this year and made a bucket list of all the things we wanted to do, like go to an Orioles baseball game, visit an amusement park, and have a lemonade stand. While I admit we didn’t get to everything on the list, I like the idea of making a list of possibilities to fill the time between the last Day of school and Labor Day. As scary as it sounds, we have already started to fill our calendar with camps and travel plans for 2023! It just goes to show how precious the summer months can be. Since I’m being super positive, I need to balance out some of these thoughts by saying I won’t miss bugs, like flies or mosquitoes but I will take a summer day or sticky warm evening over a gray winter day or the shoulder months of spring and fall. Thank you summer! I will miss you!

Beach day

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