Sleeping for 14 Years

A sleepy start to the school and work week got the girls and I talking about sleep. I heard that you send 1/3 of your life sleeping, which makes total sense, but it is crazy when you think about it. All those hours in bed really add up. My daughter Loren found an online calculator which will estimate how much of your life is spent sleeping. She plugged in my date of birth and the calculation said I’ve been asleep for 14.43 years of my life. That is more than 5,200 days. It is so crazy to think about! I remember being 14 years old and loved being a young teen. I also think about my time in my late 20’s when I was newly married and enjoying a more care-free lifestyle without kids. I wonder where I will be in 14 years from now as I approach 60? By that time, I’ll have spent nearly 20 years asleep! See link to calculator below.


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