Raw High Vegan

I didn’t realize this, or even know what it is until yesterday, but apparently I’m a high raw vegan. Or at least I am most days and when I’m being conscious about what I’m ingesting. I just learned that a high raw vegan eats a diet of fresh ingredients they are either not cooked or are never heated above 118 degrees Fahrenheit for at least 51% of their meals. I tend to not eat anything cooked until dinner time so I think that qualifies me. My breakfast is almost always a smoothie and my lunch is always a salad. I add in things like baked potatoes, oatmeal, rice, spaghetti, and other cooked items but I think at least 51% of my diet is made up of fresh fruits and vegetables. I wasn’t always this way. I’ve only been vegan for two years. I’ve only been a high raw vegan for the past 11 months when I began working with a nutritionist. After a year of being vegan, I wanted to be sure that I was getting the right amount of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients on my plant-based diet and enlisted professional help. Over the last year, my nutritionist helped me move away from processed foods, added sugar, and unnecessary oils, while also encouraging me to eat fruits and vegetables for at least 50-75% of my diet. It hasn’t happened overnight and there have also been some mindset shifts that had to take place on top of just monitoring what I eat, but I think I’ve finally made lasting changes to my diet and lifestyle. I first heard about this diet and lifestyle on, where else, TikTok. There is a famous couple on TikTok, Allee and Hendry Gurong, that have brought attention to this type of diet. I’ve definitely checked these videos out. They seem to be living in paradise! I don’t think I’ll have access to some of the interesting fruits and vegetables they feature in their videos, including sapote, at my Baltimore grocery store but I think most of their diet is very doable. Part of what I realized being vegan and now a high-raw vegan, is that many foods are prevalent in our diet because government aid and subsidies position foods like milk, beef, and processed grains to be more affordable and accessible than plant-based products. It may take time, but I’m hopeful that things like oat and almond milks and plant butter and plant-based proteins will be less expensive and prevalent in our culture over time.

Pre-blender morning smoothie.
Homemade fresh spring rolls

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