Healthy Eating

My writing time got eaten (pun intended) up by an impromptu music night in our alley. Therefore I don’t have the energy to write a full post. I’ll just say that I’m making efforts to eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and to minimize eating any processed foods or added sugar. I’m having fun reading about low or no sugar diets and foods. I realized that I get a lot cravings and do a lot of mindless snacking when I eat processed foods or foods that give me a dopamine hit like French fries, chips, and sweets. It’s hard, but getting easier, to eat a vegan, whole food diet now that I have more education and understand my trigger foods.

Pretty salad from lunch. My vegetable bag k carry around with me is in the background. It helps to keep healthy foods within reach.

Also, I’m completely new and have no idea what I’m doing on Amazon Affiliates but I saw this like to an old school product my sister used to have. I was just thinking I needed to get one of these old time clean and dirty magnets for my dishwasher. As an affiliate, I earn a commission from any sales from this link.


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