Show me your old without telling me your old. See the photo below.

I’ve had this key chain for more than 30 years . Notice the old swipe cards too. I’m not sure those places are even still in business.

I feel like carrying keys are starting to seem very old fashioned and can definitely date s person. Nowadays there are fewer and fewer reasons to carry them. Cars now have keyless entry and doors often have keypads and can be operated from afar using your cell phone. I know I, for one, have considered getting s keypad for our front door snd doing away with a metal key. We already use a keypad for our garage door. My van uses a key fob (spell) but I’ve been using that car less and less lately, as I’ve already explained in an earlier post. I tend to drive my husband’s old truck which uses an old school key to unlock the manual locks. My old job required me to use a medical grade key to open my office since I worked in a healthcare setting. I also use a key for our house in Ocean City, Maryland. The beach house tends to lag in technology compared to our regular house. We only retired the VCR and DVD player a few years ago and the door lock is likely to rust out from the salt air before we actually upgrade to electronic locks. While we are on the topic, I’ve been using the mobile key in the hotel apps when I travel for business. I realize that hotels have been using swipe cards for years and rarely actual keys but I still think this example illustrates the changing technology. I hope the locksmiths are keeping up with the changes!


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