Too Tired

I tried to think about a topic to write about today but realized that I’m just too tired to write. I also realized that in and of itself is an adequate topic. It’s okay to be tired and have nothing to write about. Still, I intend to write a little everyday to exercise my writing ability and to form a writing habit. That said, nothing exciting happened today which is really a blessing in some was. It was a regular Monday at work and school for the kids. We took it easy after a busy weekend. We went to the Orioles game yesterday I already posted about our Defenders Day/Fort McHenry and Maryland Fleet Week activities in an earlier post. I did manage to complete a workout today for the fourth consecutive day and so I plan to sleep in tomorrow. I managed to complete a bunch of tasks at work and even made an interesting cauliflower and chickpea stew from leftover vegetables in the fridge. I read a chapter of “Island of the Blue Dolphins”, a childhood favorite of mine, and now me and the kids are tucked into our beds while John watches Monday night football. All in all, it was a good, if uneventful, day for this tired mom! Zzzzz

Me trying on a purple wig yesterday. I wasn’t quite this exciting today.

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