Sleepyhead Mistake

I showed up to the gym this morning in my pajamas bottoms! I was half asleep (or maybe more than half) but when I showed up to meet my trainer and realized I was still wearing my rainbow boxer shorts I had slept in! The bottoms even had a slight ruffle trim and a light blue ribbon drawstring. I froze for a second and debated turning around and going home but my trainer and another regular gym member had already seen me pull up. I also didn’t want to squander all the effort it had taken me to actually show up at my 6:15am workout time. I decided to swallow my pride and just deal with the embarrassment of looking like a half crazy goofball. At least I had managed to put on my sports bra and sneakers! I confessed to my trainer but he said it was no big deal. I didn’t mention it to others and I’m not sure if they noticed. How utterly embarrassing and a clear indicator of a long and tiring week.

Me being very tired

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