Hollywood at Home

I hit lots of traffic on the way to take the kids to school today but, I think the reason why is pretty cool. Traffic was all backed up at the Inner Harbor because there is a film crew filming the screen adaption of Lady on the Lake from creator Laura Lippmann. The kids and I were very intrigued to see all the extras in mid-20th century garb and old time cars squeezed into the area around Redwood Street downtown. That little area of downtown is like a time capsule to the past because of its architecture from the 19th and 20th century. It also made sense because I was supposed to meet a friend for breakfast on that block at Werner’s and we had to move to a different neighborhood because the restaurant’s social media account said they would be closed today. Anyway, I hate to be late, especially when it has to do with the kids, but at least we got to see something interesting. We also checked it out again (and got caught in more traffic) on the way home in the afternoon. The kids and I talked about checking out the scene when the show finally premiers on AppleTV+.

Christmas Parade Scene on Redwood Street from Lady in the Lake filming
Christmas in September on film set
Old Looking Baltimore City Cop Car

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