Flying Mom

I think today was the first time I’ve flown United Airlines. The majority of my work travel has been on Southwest since there is a hub at BWI, my home airport. I’ve also flown American, which I like. I like to compare the different airlines for things like newness of the aircraft, customer service and staff, snacks, Wi-Fi, in-flight entertainment seating, ease of the app, etc. All this is probably pretty basic for a regular flyer, but I hadn’t flown in like 3 years and probably a year or two before that until I started my new job on May. I was pretty blown away by the size of the terminal at Chicago O’Hare devoted to United. I recall as a kid that my relatives in Chicago all worked for United Airlines so it makes sense that so many resources are devoted to a large employer like United. They are a big player. So big, it seems, that the walkway leading to the terminal in Chicago is called the Tunnel of Lights. It’s a beautiful display of flickering pastel colored lights dancing to calming zen music. I’m not used to seeing United’s presence as much in Baltimore. In fact, when we landed m at BWI, I realized I had never walked through that terminal before. It was situated with Jet Blue and Spirit airlines and seemed to occupy some nice real estate and be near a number of shops. One of my favorite features of both American and United is the assigned seat. It’s so nice to not have to worry about where you are going to sit before boarding the plane. I also noticed that they did not offer a snack but did offer a beverage. Anyway, I wanted to share some initial impressions and thoughts from my very first United flight.

Tunnel of Lights headed to United Terminal


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