Holiday Weekend Traffic

We always fight, especially the kids, about stupid stuff when in the car for long drives. Sometimes little irritants from before we left make there way to the car or simple things like debating whether to stop at fast food or to just keep driving without stopping. If we do stop, then which fast food should we go to, or can we go to multiple places to make everyone happy? Should we eat inside or eat outside. The debate seems to never end and there is usually lots of bickering. Our drive home this Labor Day had some fighting but could have been a lot worse considering our usual 2 hour and 45 minute drive stretched to 5 hours because of holiday traffic. We knew traffic would be bad but wanted to get home a little earlier than our usual 10pm arrival in Baltimore after such trips. It’s a trade off. We could get home a little earlier but suffer through a couple extra hours in the car or get home late and be left scrambling when we get home to get ready for the next day. We actually didn’t have much of a choice, because I have to fly to Chicago in the morning. I had too many things to do to prepare for my trip and didn’t want to get home too late. Somehow, the kids kept the quarreling to a minimum and we all made it home safely with some time to spare. I think the Hamilton soundtrack may have helped! Bonus: I was inspired to purchase tickets to the Hamilton Touring show when it comes to The Hippodrome Theater in Baltimore next month during the drive so that makes everyone happy. I also bought groceries for school lunches and upcoming dinners while I’m away.

No traffic in sight but the backup to get on the Chesapeake “Bay Bridge” had to be at least 12-15 miles long.

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