Sad Start to the Weekend

I hate to even write about this but my heart is heavy with the sad news I heard today. One of the reasons I started this blog was so I could express myself. I was horrified to learn about the shooting death of a Baltimore City high school student by another student this afternoon at dismissal time. This occurred at the same time I picked up my kids from school in another part of the city. I find this shocking and sad. It’s no wonder I’ve been having so much anxiety about the start of the school year which I’ve talked about at other times in this blog. It’s absolutely traumatizing and I worry about my kids safety. There are still very few details available about the incident but I can’t imagine a more horrible way to end the first week of school. My girls are not in high school yet but I shudder to think about some scenarios where an adult or child could bring a gun to school. I wonder if other parents worry about this sort of thing or if I worry about it more because we are sending our children to an inner city school? I also feels so badly for the victim’s family and the school community that suffered this awful tragedy today. It’s just not right. What a terrible day.

Before I became depressed about the school shooting incident, I was excited to go to the beach this weekend. We are headed to Ocean City, MD to spend time at our family place. We figured we better escape to the beach at least one more time before we get busy with Fall activities and school. The weather is looking pretty good for some time at the beach and pool. I’m just going I don’t get dragged to the boardwalk or other busy spots this time. I really just want to relax

No relevant photos for this post but pictures of our cat are always cute.

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