Last Day at Our Pool for the Season

We looked at our calendar and realized that today is the last opportunity we had to go to our pool, the Otterbein Swim Club, before it closes for the season. We will be at the beach for Labor Day this year so we won’t have time to get over there like we normally do on the holiday weekend. Since I was working today, I made sure to pack the pool bag last night and found time go buy some snacks at the grocery store at lunch time so everyone would be happy when I picked them up from school. I picked the kids up from Aftercare and we headed to the pool. It was still sunny and 91 degrees when we arrived so I was actually excited to swim, which doesn’t occur too often. The water felt very relaxing and I made sure to soak up the last of the pool vibes since we won’t be returning until it reopens next May. It ended up being a very fun evening because I ran into several moms I know from South Baltimore and my days of working downtown. I had a chance to catch up with them while the kids played with a little girl at the pool they met earlier in the summer. They even organized a funeral for a dead bee they found! I should note that my oldest daughter, who is almost 12, wasn’t really into the pool tonight and chose to sit at the table by herself eating snacks. I thought she might end up in the pool or play with other kids eventually but she stuck to her spot at the table. I ended up being surprised at how long we stayed. I’m glad it was such a pleasant close to another season at our local swim club.

A peaceful late summer evening at the pool.
The final resting place for the dead bee the kids found by the side of the pool.

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