Local Produce and Dirty Dishes

Mom Problems – One issue I have when I travel for work is my absence results in a destroyed house. I’m not blaming my husband or the kids. It’s just a reality that it takes at least 2 adults to keep our show running and even then we can’t keep up. It’s basically impossible to take care if all the things that need to be done with only one adult at home. That includes getting the kids to school, feeding them 3x, doing your paid work, keeping up with the dishes, laundry, homework, artwork, and trash. Without a doubt, little things will pile up on the counter, in the sink, and on the floor. We’ve been trying to get the kids to help out more but that does require some supervision and direction. I honestly don’t know what we would do without my mom. She comes one day a week to help with laundry and dishes and if we almost feel on top of things when she leaves. That feeling only lasts a few days before we start to feel overwhelmed again. Luckily, she usually arrives again to save the day.

A sink full of dirty dishes

CSA – Our CSA, or Community Supported Agriculture, also known as a farm share is one of my favorite parts of summer. We’ve been with Jones Family Farm, located in Harford County, MD for several years now. They come to our neighborhood each Wednesday evening from June through November with produce and local products for us to choose from to fulfill our full or half “share” of items for the week. We get a half share which is four items. There are also plenty of other produce items available for purchase. Today we picked up two heirloom tomatoes, a honeydew melon, three honey crisp apples, yellow squash, and I added some peaches. It can be a little stressful sometimes to make sure we cook and eat everything before the next week but overall I think we do a very good job of eating everything so nothing goes to waste.

CSA produce mountain

2 responses to “Local Produce and Dirty Dishes”

  1. Getting behind is such a part of normal life, and it’s refreshing to see someone write about it and still sound positive.

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    1. Haha! Story of my life. Thanks for the note.

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