Sunday Running and Back to School Cookout

Sunday mornings don’t start easy for me since I joined a mom’s running group run by Fit4Mom Baltimore City last spring. Every Sunday morning we meet at Cross Street Market in the Federal Hill neighborhood of Baltimore City at 7 am. I love this group because it’s includes moms from several different neighborhoods downtown with kids at a range of ages and everyone is running at a different pace. Since everyone runs at different paces or is training for various types of races, you can always find a running mate. There is always good conversation going on while we get our workout in. We talk about kids, of course, but also things we find funny, our spouses, new places we’ve visited or restaurants we’ve tried and a host of other topics. It’s been an unexpected place to fix community. Today I ran/walked about 4 miles with two other moms after our group stretch. We ended with coffee and conversation at Ceremony Coffee I’m Cross Street Market. It’s always so early in the morning that you feel like you’ve gotten a dose of good vibes before anyone even knows your gone.

Along the Baltimore waterfront promenade.

Back to School Cookout – My neighbors organized a back to school cookout tonight before the first day of school tomorrow. It’s always a little awkward for us because our kids don’t go to the neighborhood school like most of the kids in the neighborhood but we still think it’s important to hang out at these types of events. I think the kids, at least my two oldest daughters, find it awkward and don’t really gel with the majority of kid who already have e their friends groups. That said, it was a fun little gathering for adults and kids alike. Since we live on our neighborhood common area, we automatically become a part of anything social happening on The Acre, as it’s known. Honestly, if we didn’t live in such a busy neighborhood spot, we would probably not get invited to such things. We made sure to supply some vegan munchies and it looked like everything else was covered. The kids went to bed early afterwards but I think nerves will prevent them from getting much sleep.

Back to school eve

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