Tween Hair Dye Day

I’m experimenting with the title of my daily posts. I might title it based on the content but I’m not sure yet.

The final product

Hair Dye – My daughter Farah is obsessed with vibrant hair colors, such as teal and purple, like many tweens (and adults too) these days. She has been asking me for weeks to dye her hair so she can show off her new look the first day of school. We dyed her hair a couple of times over the summer using a semi-permanent dye but it always washes out too soon so we decided to try our hand at a permanent color. Mind you, I am basically a novice when it comes to dyeing hair and other beauty techniques. If you are interested in seeing how our first attempt went, you can check it out on the kid’s YouTube channel 3ShesinaSquad. We’ve been getting our products at Sally’s Beauty Supply. The staff there has been super helpful in helping us pick out products and giving us some pointers on how to mix, apply, and complete the hair dying process. Honestly, I would have been in over my head without them. See below for a list of supplies we used to dye her hair.

The beauty salon
  • 4 hair clips to separate hair into sections
  • Aluminum foil to seal sections of the heist when the bleach and dye is on her hair
  • Shower cap
  • Bleaching Kit – we used Bleach Party by Unicorn something or another. It was recommended because it contained. 20 Developer instead of 40.
  • Ion Permanent Dye in a teal-like color
  • Plastic mixing bowl and brush
  • Old towels

My daughter Farah has super dark hair so it has to be bleached before the dye can be used. This was the second time we lightened it so we had a little advantage in achieving a lighter base to apply the blueish/green dye. Initially, I had tried to take her to a professional stylist I know who specializes in these types of vibrant colors. Unfortunately, I had accidentally scheduled too short of an appointment and we had to cancel because it would not have been enough time to complete the whole process. I had to break the dusting into a morning session, when we bleached her hair, and an evening session, when we dyed it, because I had a baby shower to go to. All in all, the dye job turned out pretty well, considering who the stylist is…me! The bleach really lightened her hair this time. I wish it would have turned s little more blue but I might be able to take another round at dyeing it again if you can layer products like that. I will have to research if it’s okay to dye it’s a learning process for this mom!

After bleaching kit
Supplies on the ready
The kit said Bleach Party so I decided to join the fun and lighten my hair a little. I only left on for like 10 minutes because k want red to stay focused on Farah’s hair.

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