5 Things – 8/26/22 – Daily Thoughts and Experiences

Friday! It’s been a long week. We barreled towards the end of summer break for the kids, and I juggled a slightly longer than usual work trip to FL.

Baltimore Orioles – Can I just write about the Baltimore Orioles for a minute here? The Birds are my hometown team so I will route for them no matter what, but damn it feels good to have a winning team. This summer, they are bringing a fun and celebratory vibe to a that could use it. They keep surprising us with wins! They are in a tough division and the wild card hunt is competitive so I think people (or me) are being realistic about their prospects but I don’t think all that matters too much. It makes a trip to Camden Yards (my happy place) worth it for a lot more people that have stayed away the past several years because of crime in Baltimore and COVID. It gives us O’s fans something to talk about, look forward to, and cheer about. How ‘bout dem O’s, hon? That’s how we say it here on Baltimore. I’ve pretty much converted my Twitter Account to an O’s account at this point. I don’t use it for much else and my feed is 80% O’s baseball and my most recent retweets are all O’s-related.


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