5 Things – 8/25/22 – Daily Thoughts and Experiences

I had no time to write today because I was traveling for work. I will post some photos from my trio to Florida instead. I flew into Ft. Lauderdale last night and spend the first half of today in Palm Beach County. We then visited some sites in Naples and Sarasota, FL before driving to Tampa in order to catch an early flight home to Baltimore tomorrow. Also, just a side note but I ate delicious vegan food today for breakfast and lunch. I had a breakfast bar that had potatoes, citrus salad with fennel, breadsticks, hummus, and roasted peppers. For lunch, I had an amazing portabello mushroom sandwich with delicious bread.

Morning in downtown Palm Beach
The pool at our hotel in Palm Beach
Clematis Street park area, Palm Beach
Naples, FL
A ton of rabbits on the lawn!
Rainbow 🌈
Crazy looking bridge heading to Tampa

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