5 Things – 8/24/22 – Daily Thoughts and Experiences

Are there vegan republicans? – I’m not sure how this topic came up but my husband, mom, and I had a conversation today about whether there are any vegan Republicans. I never thought about political affiliation and the decision to live a vegan lifestyle but apparently vegan Democrats outnumber vegan Republicans 3 to 1. I’d also be curious about how this info was gathered? Like was there a poll or survey of vegans who we’re then asked to identify their political party? I think the line of thought is that many vegans are more left leaning due to concerns for animal habitat and the environment, less support for guan and hunting, and perhaps conservatives are more prevalent in cattle ranching states like red state Texas? We just thought it was funny because we had never given the subject of political party and veganism any thought before!

Vegan food (not the pizza) at my hotel in red state Florida.

Work Travel – I’m traveling for work later today and it always gives me anxiety. To start, I really don’t like to fly. I think that is because my mother has a very irrational fear of flying and has conditioned me to adopt many of these fears. I recall her forcing us to sit in the smoking section of a transatlantic flight in the 1980’s during her one and only time flying. I never let these fears hold me back but I really don’t enjoy flying because of the anxious feelings I experience throughout the entire flight. I also feel a lot of anxiety about work travel because I really don’t like leaving my kids, even if it’s only for a day or two. It never feels right to be far away from them. I also don’t like to burden my husband with the additional tasks and responsibilities associated with taking care of them. He already does a lot for everyone so I feel guilty, or more like I feel worried, about wearing him out. I’m comforted a little this time I’m traveling because my mom is at the house. She usually drives down to our house, which is about 45-60 minutes from where my parents live, to help me around the house. I’d quite literally be overwhelmed with dishes and laundry without her weekly help. This week, the timing worked well so my husband will only be alone with the kids for one evening and the very early part of the following morning. The two of them get along quite well and the kids benefit from spending time with their grandmother so it seems to work quite well. I think I will always feel somewhat anxious about traveling for work but it does help that I really enjoy my job and the work I’m doing.

Me trying to get a photo of the pool. I couldn’t get outside because the pool was closed.

Airports – Since I’ve started traveling more as a result of a new job, I’ve become more interested in airports and the unique commerce that occurs there. I find all the little newsstands, spots that sell tourists tchotchkes and travel gear, restaurants, shops, lounges, especially the vending machines very interesting. I find that in some airports have more of these interesting vending machines than others. Chicago O’Hare comes to mind as a popular place for these machines but I’ve also seen them at my home airport BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport. You can pretty much get anything in these machines. I’ve seen cupcakes, vegan and vegetarian prepared foods, Kylie Jenner makeup, diaper bag supplies, and much much more. I’m curious about what different products or brand people have seen at these airport vending machines and how much it costs to own and operate one. Let me know in the comments if you’ve seen any interesting ones or have any insights into these unique purveyors.

I only wrote about three things today? Maybe I should permanently reduce the target to 3 things since I don’t ever seem to make it to write about 5 things?


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