5 Things – 8/21/22

Vegan Cookout – I am kicking myself for not taking any photos of the vegan food I prepared and served today at a cookout I hosted for friends and neighbors. I don’t entertain often, probably because my house is always a mess, so I was excited to make food for my guests. See below for a list of things I prepared and served:

  • Appetizer platter – grapes and oranges, dried pineapple, live well chocolate chunks, olives, and pickles
  • Grapes and mandarin oranges
  • Vegetable platter with hummus
  • Crackers with vegan cream cheese cheese and marmalade
  • Impossible Burgers
  • Vegan Potato Salad
  • Corn on the Cob
  • Vegan mac and cheese (best recipe ever, I’ll post separately another day)
  • Vegan zucchini bread and vegan pumpkin zucchini bread
  • Watermelon (this was perfectly ripe.
  • Kale salad (my friend Erin made sure the dressing and croutons were vegan)
  • Iced Tea – we laughed that the iced tea was vegan too.

We did serve a few things that weren’t vegan. We served hotdogs and hamburgers for the kids and non-vegan guests. My girlfriend also brought sticky buns and doughnuts that weren’t vegan. I think there was something for everyone!

I’m too tired to write or post anything else!

Waiting for guests to arrive. No photos of the food though.

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