5 Things – 8/18/22

Giant Latte – I met an old colleague at South Baltimore’s Koba Cafe in Riverside for breakfast today to catch up. We grabbed a table and the cafe served me my latte in a giant mug! It was cool because I almost always am served a to-go cup. It caught me a little off guard. They also served my smoothie in a reusable cup. It is definitely a small business with a sustainable vibe. I also loved as diagram they had up at the register that showed you how each espresso drink is prepared. It was a handy reference even though I tend to always order a cafe latte.

This was a really big mug. It did not disappoint.

License Plates – Ever since we took a road trip to Vermont for spring break this year, we’ve been tracking down license plates from each state with the girls. We find about 40 of them during our trip to VT but gathered another 8 or so upon our return to Baltimore. It’s now been at least a few more months and we still haven’t seen Montana or Alaska. I’ve seen them before but it does seem odd that one hasn’t popped up yet. I even took s trip to AZ back in early June and didn’t see one out there either. I’m keeping my eyes peeled. We also found some diplomatic plates, government vehicles, and international plates along the way.

We thought my mom threw away the original list so we started using a print out of a photo before we found the original. It looks like the cat took a bite out of this list!

I’ve only got 2 things today.


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