5 Things – 8/17/22

Back to the gym – I woke up unexpectedly today at 5:30am and decided within a minute or two I needed to workout. It had been a couple of weeks since I had visited my trainer Matt. My regular days are Monday and. Fridays but my schedule has been rather disjointed due to vacation, work travel, and that nasty sinus infection a couple of weeks back. He took it easy on me with low weights and high repetitions. I’m sure I’ll be sore tomorrow since I only ran for a few brief outings while in Ocean City. I’m also scheduled to go again on Friday and will meet my friend MacK at Orange Theory Fitness on Saturday morning followed by running club Sunday to close out the week.

Waterfront view from my parking spot at the gym today.
Really hard to see but I used at at-home tracing method to determine the kids shoe sizes.

Back to School Shoes – School starts in less than two weeks and I’m in a mad dash to finish back to school shopping, including shoe shopping. I usually go in person to get the kids shoes but decided to go the online route this year. Since I wasn’t sure exactly what size shoe the older girls were wearing, I searched up ways to find out at home. I had each one stand on a piece of paper and then traced the outline of their feet. I then took a ruler and measured how big their feet were in both inches and centimeters and compared to charts I found online. I had to use two separate sites since Kendall is still in kids sizes while Farah and Loren have reached full adult proportions. While I’m sure there are other sites, I find this one easily through a search engine and the method seems to check out. I recommend using this method to estimate size if you don’t feel like going shoe shopping in person!

CSA – Today I picked up our weekly half share of our CSA or Community Sustainable Agriculture. I wish I would have snapped a photo of my haul, but I picked up a cantaloupe, 6 ears of sweet corn, beets, and heirloom cherry tomatoes. I’ve already cut into the cantaloupe and I doubt there will still be any leftover after tomorrow. Local produce is one of my favorite parts of summer.

Bangs – I was very bad about taking photos today or I would share a photo of Farah’s curtain bangs and overall hair trim. She is pumped to go back to school and is perfecting her look. She had been asking for bangs and also wants to dye part of her hair teal. We dyed her hair teal over the summer using a semi- permanent dye but it never seems to last long enough. We had planned to pick up a permanent shade but the local Sally’s Beauty Supply closed at 7 so we missed it. We’ll have to go back in a few days to find what we need. Now I just have to convince Loren to get a back-to school cut.

This is what Farah’s hair looked like a couple of months again when I dyed it teal isn’t semi-permanent dye.

No 5th Thing Today!


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