5 Things- 8/16/22

Costs of kids – I’m going broke taking care of my three kids. Parenthood has always been a financial stressor for me. I can recall feeling a rush of anxiety over financial responsibilities the moment the nurse handed me my oldest daughter Loren for the first time. I felt similarly when I found out I was pregnant for the third time and felt like my other two children might be disadvantaged somehow. Maybe I’m preprogrammed to feel stressed out more than most about childcare costs, extracurricular activities, and general expenses but I have a feeling others feel the same way. Here is a list of expenses I’ve incurred over the past week related to the kids as we approach the autumn season:

  • Back to School Supplies (see yesterday’s post) – $530.00
  • Theater Class for Sept – Dec – $750.00 ($250.00*3, non-member rate)
  • Rock Climbing – Sept – November – $756.00 ($252.00*3)
  • Alley Oops Arcade (Vacation) – $150.00 ($50.00X3
I scored a 30% discount to this water park by shopping on Cyber Monday but still spent $133 for whole family.

Those are just a few examples. There are definitely more expenses I could detail, including upcoming aftercare expenses at the kids’ school and the need for a new car. I know that having three kids is a lot but I know there are others that have large families too.

Bethesda – I drove to Bethesda, MD from Baltimore today for work. I hadn’t made that I-95 South weekday morning commute since I worked in Laurel, MD back in 2006. Needless to say, that was many years ago! I visited the Embassy Suites for a marketing event and spent some time walking around a sparsely occupied suburban office park. It was a beautfl day and made me wonder what the place must have been like before the pandemic and when there were still office users there. The drive back to Baltimore was non-eventful, except that cars were flying! That might be a good thing since this stretch of roadway is usually sluggish.

National Wellness Month – I learned today via a work email blast that August is National Wellness Month. The email suggested that people just adopt yoga, aerobics, or other fitness, meditation, fresh fruits and veggies, and drinking water into our daily routines. I would definitely agree! I thought the timing was interesting based on my thread yesterday.

Not gonna make it to 5 things today….


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