5 Things – 8/7/22

Friendship bracelets – Friendship bracelets are making a comeback. I remember making them with my friends when I was a kid and I always feel nostalgic for them in the summer time. This year, I have dedicated more time and resources to practicing the craft, especially the chevron design. I have made a couple for myself and the girls and their friends.

Boardwalk – i think we may have set a personal record for most time at the boardwalk ever today. At least in recent memory. We were there for over 5 hours. We checked out the new configuration and rides at Trimpers section of the OC boardwalk. It still seems a little lackluster. There do seem to be a couple of bigger rides the girls might graduate to and they liked the giant swings. That said, we ended up spending most of our time at the Jolly Rogers Pier. We also sat down at Piezanos for pizza and pasta, ate Thrashers fries, Kohrs ice cream, Fishers Popcorn, and Wockenfuss candy.

Sunday Run – I snuck in 20 minutes of run time since I was missing my regular Sunday Run Club session in Baltimore. I’m still not feeling well and did not have the energy to head to Northside Park for a 45 minute route. It was already hot by 9am. I am hoping to squeeze in a couple of more runs this week.

Beach day – It was an awesome beach day with my sister and niece. We snapped lots of photos of the kids enjoying themselves while my sister and I chatted. We usually only get one or two days together on the beach the entire year so we try to make it count!

Me on the left and my sister Gina on the right.

Letter to the editor – I’ve never written a letter to the editor to my local paper. I guess the reason I never did was first, I wasn’t sure what topic I felt passionate enough I also never felt comfortable being critical or having a strong opinion while I worked in local government. I think that is changing now and I may have some topics or ideas to share in the future.

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