5 Things – 8/3/22

Air Quality – Today is a Code Orange Day and it’s got me down. I’m not sure why, since I don’t have an underlying health issue, but these days with poor air quality really effect me. My throat is sore and scratchy and my eyes water. I think it has to do with the poor air quality and particulate matter in the air mixing with pollen. It becomes like a toxic soup for me.

Weather Channel Screen Shot

Back to School Anxieties – I have so many anxieties about the start of the school year for my daughters. I dont even know where to begin to write about it. I have some small concerns and big concerns.

  • Big concerns –
    • Is this even the right school for my kids? They attend a citywide charter school that is about 20 minutes from our house. For years, the school was convenient because it was very close to my work and allowed me to pop in and out of their school celebrations and events. That all changed with the pandemic, virtual learning and a new job for me. Also, changes in leadership, growth in enrollment, a shortage of teachers have led me to question whether it is worth it to continue to send them to a school that may not be performing as well as out local zoned school. My kids love their school and appear hapoy but I still question whether it is the best thing for them. They don’t have many close friends in the neighborhood because most of the kids attend the local school which also has a stronger and more organized parent body than our school. We end up planning many play dates across the city instead of just organically letting them play with kids in our neighborhood.
    • Other Concerns that need to be grouped later into the big and small category include: The new bell schedule which will require us to leave for school at 7:30am, driving back and forth , cost and availability of after care, the costs end logistics of transporting a ton of school supplies, the overall quality of the school, the start of middle school for Loren, teacher shortage, all new teachers and classrooms, opportunity to go to other schools closer to home , learning loss from the pandemic.
  • I also need to weigh the things we like about the schools. The kids are Very happy and the place is not cliquish. Everyone seems to get a long and diversify is valued.

Fitness – I had fully planned to go to my trainer this morning – Body in Rhythm training but I want feeling well as described above. I can’t seem to get into a new sync. I also have haven’t been to a Fit4Mom class in ages and will miss 3 straight weeks of Sunday run club because of time at the beach. I have one more pass left on my Orange Theory Fitness pass. It seems like fitness isn’t as big is a priority to me lately or maybe I’m just having trouble adapting to my new in-office job.

Pot luck – My street kicked off our first monthly potluck dinner tonight. I want feeling well so I only brought a bowl of cherries. Vegan options were limited. The goal is to hang out in our alley the first Wednesday of the month. I like the idea of getting the kids outside to socialize. Unfortunately it conflicts with John’s band night so he will rarely, if ever, be able to attend. Kendall entertained us with card tricks and we busted out glow sticks.

No 5th thing today


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