5 Things – 8/1/22

The Orioles – Birdland is humming with excitement about the Baltimore Orioles improved performance this year. My coworker wrote this little note outside her desk today about the Orioles’s 4th place spot in the AL East. The O’s hold a special place in my heart. Speaking of heart, my heart is a little heartbroken at the same time because the Oriole’s traded Trey Mancini today.

August – It’s Back to School in less than a month. I’m completely stressed about the new school day bell that is going to rock our world in a few weeks but for now, I will try to enjoy the rest of summer. We still have our beach week coming up and hopefully the kids can be lazy for several days at home. John is hoping to take them to Hershey Park too.

Community – I attended my neighborhood HOA meeting tonight for the 2nd time in 11 years. There were about 35 people there and about 5 dogs, including a new puppy. There is an attempt to become a more active body and so the call for volunteers went out. I volunteered for the Finance committee. I don’t know what that means yet but hopefully it’s not too demanding. I’d like to say that I’m contributing in some way but also have to be realistic about my availability and spare time.

Monday -Unplanned meetings to start and end the day and a very packed week ahead. Somethings just get on your nerves. I love my job, but I also feel the need to protect my schedule and calendar so that I can accomplish the things I need to get done. It’s hard when things change in you. I had also planned to pick the kids up from day camp and wasn’t able to do so because of the unscheduled meetings.

This is how I felt today at the office.

Podcasts – I listen to a lot of sobriety podcasts. A new Cafe RE – Recovery Elevator comes out each Monday. I’m about half way through listening to the most recent episode. I also listened to part of a Sober Girls Guide about a sober person that ran a half marathon 74 days straight. Yesterday I listened to Sober Curious.


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