5 Things – 7/31/22

Running – Gearing up to run like I always do on Sunday mornings, we’ll at least for the past 6 months or so. I’m at the beach so I will run around our neighborhood, Montego Bay, which has a nice walking path, pond, boardwalk along the bay and also connects to Northside Park. I’ve been running for the past 6 months, and at other points in the past, with Fit4Mom Baltimore City. That is a great group of moms. I’m not training for anything at the moment so it can be hard to stay motivated without a goal in mind. I ran the Baltimore 10-miler back in June. That was a good race and the training occurred in the spring before it got hot. It’s hard for me to devote a lot of time to training for long runs when I’m always working and doing stuff with the kids.

Running views

Sunday Scaries – Sunday scaries are pretty typical when you are in the corporate world. It’s been better for me since I started a new job about 2 1/2 months ago and Inknow I’ll be on vacation next week.

Family – For a few brief moments, both my sisters, my mom, and all the cousins landed in the same spot in Ocean City, MD. There was just enough time to take this photo and to get into a sister squabble over time at the beach versus the arcade.

I never got to my other 2 things since I was solo parenting on this beach trip since my husband went to 2 nights of Phish. My day was busy tending to packing and being caretaker and chaperone to the girls so it didn’t leave much time or energy for writing or even thinking random thoughts.


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