5 Things – 7/30/22

Beach Day – The weather in OC is glorious today. We had just the perfect beach day, me, my girls, and Aunt Gab. We forgot the boogie boards and the buckets at our trailer and didn’t want to give up our primo parking space so we made our own fun digging and making shapes with our hands and body surfing. The water was cold. Loren, my Roxy girl, stayed in the water for hours.

Beach Food – It’s been a non-stop food fest today. Uber Bagels, Dunkin Donuts from the “best Dunkin Donuts on the east coast” per my husband in North Ocean City, Pizza Tugos, chips,salsa and guac from Tequila Mockingbird, and now off to Candy Kitchen and to pick up steamed crabs. Hopefully we will make it to Dumsers Dairyland before the close. Update: no Dumsers because the lines were long but we made it to a DQ. Bonus! I found a non-dairy VEGAN Dilly Bar.

Sun Block – Farah decided to be helpful and sprayed herself. I put some SPF 50 on her back but somehow we both missed her arm. Fortunately her skin can absorb the sun better than some. Air Gab stuck with her Hawaiian Tropic SPF 15!

Career Choices – Lots of talk with Gab and she decides what her next steps are. She is feeling stuck because she helps our dad with his small business and personal affairs but wants to start down a new career path. We wanted options. I think she would be a good teacher but we don’t want to rule out self-employment. We talked about risk-taking and where it got us.

Beach Time – we are on beach time. I slept in til 10:30am. I don’t remember the last time that happened. Maybe 1 or 2 times in the past 5 years. My body is still adjusting from traveling to West Palm Beach for work this week for work. We made our way to the beach and played/stayed there for a few hours. Now we are ramping up for dinner and mini golf. I hope the mini golf place is open late! Update: I had a good game and came in first. That’s not always the case even with the kids playing. Kendall did pretty good too.


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